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26 August 2014

I have always wondered what I would look like if I had different coloured eyes, and recently I was able to try out the new range by MTV Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson, for! A few weeks back I wrote about them (see the post here) and today, I tried them out for the first time. 

I have to say, for a first-time-contact-wearer, I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable they were to put in, wear and take out. I was slightly scared of putting something in my eye for the first time, but once I gathered up enough courage, I popped them straight in! Once in, you can't feel them at all, so are comfortable for everyday wear. They also are extremely easy to take out. 

The contacts in Marnie's range can be worn up to 90 times in a one year time period and are priced between £12.99 and £19.99 which I believe is a really reasonable price for contacts that can be worn for that length of time. 

The colours that I was able to try was the Pure Blue and the Misty Grey. I have naturally dark brown eyes, so I was a bit sceptical as to whether they'd show up, but the blue ones definitely do! Unfortunatly, the grey ones only show up in certain light, but still are just as pretty as the blue.

I am super pleased with the results I got from the Pure Blue contacts. I really cannot recommend them enough! To look after your contacts, after use, simply put them back in the case, with some fresh lens solution! How easy is that? 

Marnie's range at MyCostmeticLenses, is five different colours including; blue, green, brown, grey and violet. Currently the Light Hazel and Pure Violet is on a special offer so grab them while they're cheap ;) 

I also received some Funky All-in-One Lens Solution to use with my contacts, which is also sold on the website for only £4.99! (Click here to buy!)

If you've ever wanted to try out coloured contact lenses, I urge you to try them out from this site. They are very comfortable, last a long time, and are well worth the price! Check out Marnie's range here

Thanks to Luke from Misfits Celebrity Management for the contacts. Check out Marnie's twitter here


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