Graduate Fashion Week 2015 : a backstage look

1 June 2015

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to work backstage at Graduate Fashion Week 2015 in London. The day was a great experience and even though it was extremely tiring (I had to get up at 5:30am  ) it was so worth it! I was working with my university, Salford, backstage as a dresser for the models, helping with fittings and rehearsals, as well as dressing the models for the actual show. I managed to get a few pictures backstage, so thought I'd show you what its like behind the runway!

I don't want to go into too much detail about how the day went as it could get boring, so I'll just tell you highlights and show you lots of pictures! Also, as I was working, I didn't take my camera, so all pictures were taken on my phone (hopefully they 
aren't too fuzzy!)

 I was dressing models for 4 designers; Joanne Chiu, Jessica Walker, Shaunnah Timma and Foteini Traka. And my main model Holly Foxton, from FM London Management, and I also worked with Svetlana Vorobjova, from Elite Models London. And the category my models and collections were in was Tibetan. 

All hair and makeup done on the day was by Bourjois Paris, using only their products.

This was one of my favourite collections. It was mesh, neoprene and holographic film beachwear. The collection had all sorts; jumper, tracksuits, bikinis and coats! In this image is my two models, Holly, looking at me, and Svetlana lining up for their show.
Designer : Jessica Walker

This was by far my most favourite collection of the day! The pieces were made from dyed leather and snakeskin, fur, as well as velvet and multiple metalic materials. They were extremely well fitted and were almost ballerina like, in a dark way, which I loved! The headpieces were all handmade and sprayed with glitter, and tiny crystals hung from them too. I would definitely wear pieces from this collection! 
Designer : Foteini Traka

Check out her portfolio here

My university also had a large stall full of portfolios from the design group, and from the styling and image making group. The way they were set out with the lightbulbs and school tables looked amazing, and it drew the largest crowd there! 
Also, Salford University has already won some amazing awards and job opportunities, however, as they haven't been officially announced, I can't say! 

As I was backstage the whole time, I didn't get to take any photos of the actual show, so I have added some press photographs here. Enjoy!




(images marked with * are from @GFWofficial, used with permission)

Graduate Fashion Week finishes on the 2nd of June and there are still tickets available online! The final show is on tomorrow and from what I've seen, there is some amazing collections, so if you get the chance, pop in and check them out! 

Click here for the official website! For tickets, info and more press photos!

Graduate Fashion Week
Truman Brewery
East London




  1. You're so lucky being able to work backstage! So jealous! Do you know if there's a way that other people can volunteer to work there or something? Xx

    1. I don't actually know! If you go onto their website around this time next year, there maybe a section with volunteering on! I'll have a check and let you know, so keep checking the comments section!


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