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15 December 2015

I was contacted by Body Jewellery Shop and asked if I would like to try out some of their ear piercing jewellery. I jumped at the chance as I am a massive fan of piercings and love finding girly pieced of jewellery to wear. After looking through their website, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of pretty pieces of jewellery, as some piercing jewellery can look a bit scary and too metaly (if you get what I mean!)

Firstly, I chose to receive this Moon Stud. I was really impressed with it as its very pretty, without being over the top sparkly. The silver moon has a really nice shine, and 3 different shaped diamonds in it. The stud is meant of the tragus piercing, however I believe its too big for there, so I wore it in my helix (cartilage) piercing.

The stud is made from surgical steel and sterling silver, therefore you shouldn't get any nasty rashes off it. If you do have an allergy to these metals (mainly the steel, like me) 
 I would suggest wearing it only for a few hours, then swapping it back to the one you wore before. This will avoid any redness or anything. 

Next I chose to try out this set of 5 jewel studs. These really impressed me when I first opened them as they were the perfect size, small but not tiny! They also were very sparkly and clean looking. In this picture, I chose to wear the tiny star in my conch piercing. How cute?!

These studs are made from bioflex, which is a biocompatible, flexible, plastic-like material mainly, which means that it won't cause metal allergy sufferers any redness or anything. The small stud that fits onto the bar though, is made from sterling silver. In the pack, you get a set of 5 tops, and one bar to fit them too. This means you can change up your look without having to remove the bar! You get a star, a triangle, a classic circle shape, a square and a heart. 

Overall, I am very impressed with the Body Jewellery Shop! I sometimes am a bit weary of buying body jewellery online, with my metal allergy, however, this site always tells you what material the jewellery is made from, and also sells products made from real gold, to titanium, to surgical steel, so theres something for everyone. 

The site also sells jewellery for almost every piercing! Not only ears, like these, but belly button bars, nose rings and even fake piecing jewellery incase you're a bit scared to get the real thing! To check out their site, click here.


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