Topshop Gloss Ink : Review

29 September 2014

I recently bought the Topshop Gloss Ink after eyeing it up for a very long time when I went in store and I have to start by saying, I think this product is amazing! 

The Gloss Ink is like a mixture between a (very glossy) lip gloss and a stain, so it can be worn both ways. To use it a a stain, I use my finger and just dab it on my lips. This leaves a matte stain, which lasts all day! I wore this to university today, and it lasted from around 8:30am to 4ish, with lunch included! And to use as a gloss, just use it like any other lip gloss! 

I got the shade 'cruel' which is a bright pink-red-berry colour as a gloss, and a darkish, but bright pinky-purple as a stain! There is also four different shades, ranging from bright reds to medium and lighter pinks. It has the slightest bit of shimmer, which I don't usually like, but in this, I don't mind it as you can't see it too much. 

The lip gloss smells and tastes as good as it looks! The scent is like vanilla and cupcakes all in one, and tastes like it too! And I just love how it looks almost like blood when swatched (is that weird?) 

At only £8, I think that this product is so so worth it! It is very much like the YSL Glossy Stain, but is more than half the price! The matte, with hints of glossy, packaging also makes the product even more appealing to me! What more is there to love??

You can pick these up in any Topshop store, or online here!

OOTD - Backless Blouse

21 September 2014

Hey! Here's what I'm wearing today! Enjoy!

I love this shirt so so much! Its so comfy and I just love the back of it! The strip down the cut out has dark silver studs on and I think it looks amazing! I'm wearing it with disco pants and just some plain black shoes!

Shirt - £6 (sale) - New Look
Disco Pants - £74 - American Apparel

Unfortunately I can't find a link to the shirt as I got it in the sale, but if you rake around in New Look you might find one! Good Luck! 

LUSH's Mask of Magnaminty

16 September 2014

Hellooo! I have never really shopped at LUSH before, but the other week, I went in and decided to try out the Mask of Magnaminty. I had heard loads of good things about this mask, mainly from my old college friend Keera (check out her blog here!) so I just couldn't resist picking one up! 

The Mask of Mag (as the man in LUSH called it) claims to fight outbreaks and return your skin to tip top condition as it has all natural ingredients; including Peppermint which is supposed to wake up sluggish skin, honey which is antibacterial so it helps to fight spots and aduki beans which are an exfoliant so they remove dead skin cells!

I decided to get the self-preserving formula which has more honey in. This makes the texture of the mask a lot more gooey (I can't think of another word to use) so its easier to rub into the skin. It also lasts a lot longer than the non self-preserving formula. Although after reading some reviews and comparisons online, apparently the non self-preserving one is a lot stronger so you'd see results quicker. So I'll be trying that one out next!

I was told in the store that your skin will take about a week to get used to using the product, so it will be about 2 weeks before you see a difference in your skin. So far, I have used it everyday for a week and a few days and my skin does feel a lot smoother and it does look refreshed after I have rinsed it off. 

To use this mask, all you do, is apply a layer onto your skin (this can be all over or just in problem areas - such as your T-zone and can also be used on your back, chest or anywhere else on your body) You then leave it on for up to 10 minutes, after this time it should be dry. Then you just scrub as you are rising the mask off. 

So so far, I have been really liking this mask, not only does it smell amazing, but it also seems to work really well! I also donated a pound to LUSH's charity, which helps towards fighting animal testing, and received a free Hand and Body Lotion! Woop! 

Let me know what other LUSH products you'd recommend! 

P.S. I have now moved to university so my my blog posts won't be on a Monday and Wednesday anymore. I'm thinking they'll be on a Tuesday and Saturady (or more days in between depending on my timetable) But just keep a look out and follow me on Twitter or Bloglovin' to keep up to date with what I post! 

OOTD - Dungaree Dress

10 September 2014

For those of you who don't know, I'm moving to university on Saturday to study Fashion Design, Image Making and Styling! Ahhh exciting (and a bit scary!) So todays post is just simple as I am very busy at the moment - packing, painting, meeting up with friends to say bye and also doing my university summer project! (I may blog about this as its really exciting and fashion related!)  

Anyway, lets get on with this OOTD!

I'm wearing this amazing dungaree dress from H&M. The second I saw it in the shop, I just had to buy it! Its really nice fitting - it sinches in your waist really well - and is made from a denim type material and I just love the look of it! I wear it all the time, during the day and if I'm going out too, its so easy to dress up or down! 

 Dungaree Dress - £12.99 - H&M
Top - £2.50 - Primark
Boots - £29.99 - H&M (alternatives here)

Want a free Benefit eyeliner?

8 September 2014

I want to tell you all about a special offer that is running across the UK! Benefit is teaming up with Boots and giving everyone who brings in an old eyeliner in, a new They're Real! Push Up Liner. The liner is only a sample size, however it would last for about a week. A week of free eyeliner? Yes please!

All you have to do to get one, is bring an old eyeliner - it can be an type; pen, pencil, gel, whatever; empty, dried up or just a one which you don't like or use - into the Benefit counter at Boots. (It must be a counter in Boots though, it can't be a Benefit counter at Debenhams or anywhere else.) 

This offer is on until Friday 12th September, so get your skates on! This eyeliner retails at £18.50 (for a full size one) so its well worth the visit to boots to get one! The eyeliner claims to be the UK's Number 1 Selling Eyeliner Product* and claims that when tested; 

 91% said it was longwearing**
81% said it was waterproof**
88% said it hugged the lashline**
84% said eyes looked visibly larger**

*Source: The NPD Group. Unit Item sales of the Total Prestige Eye Liner Makeup segment for 2014 Jan to Jun
**Results observed in a consumer panel survey on 32 women after 2 weeks

The eyeliner itself is like nothing I have ever seen in an eyeliner before! Its a gel liner and the tip of the liner is made from a flexible rubber material, that is used just like you would use an eyeliner pen. Its supposed to be easier to get closer to your lash line, meaning your eyes appear bigger. I have yet to test this product properly, but I'll keep you all updated for when I do! I'm looking forward to testing how water proof it actually is! However, I have tried it out once for a few hours, and so far, I really like the product! Its a really nice dark black and glides on really easily. 

The unusual tip!
As you can see in the picture below, I used it on my top lash line to create a winged effect!  

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to your nearest Boots (or nearest with a Benefit Counter!) and take in an old or unused eyeliner so you can try out this one! For more info, check out Benefit's Facebook Page.

Image thanks to Benefit and Boots

Super Cool Halter Tops *

5 September 2014

This summer, or year even, halter neck tops have become really popular. I recently found a brand focusing mainly on really, really cool halter tops. They are all handmade by the lovely Amy and you can find her site here! Keep reading for a 10% discount code to use on any of her products!

All of the tops are hand made to order to your size requirements by Amy, and are really affordable. The top I am wearing is the Love Heart Halter, and it is perfect for anyone who is wanting to show of a bit of skin, without showing off a bit too much! It is made from a stretchy mesh, with a thick black material for the hearts (which is good because the thick material keeps anything from showing!)

On Amy's site, there are lots of different styles, so there is something for everyones tastes! All her tops range from £12-£20 and they fit exceptionally well! She also sells coords and a really nice 'melting slime' skirt which I might treat myself to! Here's a few of my favourite designs from her website. Click the pictures to buy them! 
(images copyright to Amy)



Halter neck tops are by far my favourite shape/style of top, so when I received mine I was so so happy! It fits so well and I love the fact that it shows off my tattoo (as it never really gets seen!) 

I never want to take this top off! Its so comfortable! I'll definitely be getting more in the future! Amy doesn't use an overlocker so the finishing isn't the same as a commercial product you could buy on the high street, however the tops are still amazing and well worth the prices. As all the tops are handmade to your order, they can take up to a week to arrive, however if you are needing it for a certain date, simply drop Amy a message and she will try to cater to your request. 

Please check out Amy's site here. Its free shipping! 

Want 10% off your order? Use the discount code mermaid10 for 10% off anything on her site. This discount code ends on Sunday at Midnight. Simply enter this code into the promo box at the checkout! 

If you have Depop, you can also find her! Her username is @amylaurasmith.
I also have depop! Check mine out too! @julietteste


London Haul - Primark, Forever 21, Camden Market etc

3 September 2014

So if you had read my last post (click here if you haven't!) you'd have seen that I went to London, and whilst there did a bit of shopping. Keep reading if you'd like to see what I had bought, and how I'd style them! 


The only thing I bought from Primark was this amazing coat! I am in love! I have wanted one of these oversized, slouchy, boyfriend-style coats in a pastel colour for ages! If you're off to London and want to go shopping, try the Primark at Tottingham Court Road. Its actually bigger and a lot less busier than the Oxford Street one!

Coat - Primark - £23
Disco Pants - American Apparel - £74
Crop Top - Topshop - £8
Shoes - Primark - £12

Forever 21

This dress makes me feel like a ballerina fairy or something! I love it so so much! I had never ever shopped in F21 before as there is none where I live and I had just never been into the one in London, so I was extremely impressed with it! 

Dress - Forever 21 - £16.75
Boots - H&M - £29.99 (alternatives here)

I also got this cardi which I love so much! It makes me feel like a Disney villain or a witch or something (sorry for all of the mythical creatures!) I love long cardigans, and I love black and I love lace, so this was perfect for me!!

Cardigan - Forever 21 - £17.50 
(I think this may be sold out because I can't find it on their website - alternatives here)
Scuba Dress - Primark - £6
Boots - H&M - £29.99 (alternatives here)

Camden Market

If you've ever been to Camden then you'll know that these vests are everywhere! We played a game where we tried to find the cheapest stall selling them. We found one which were selling 4 for £10, so my friend and I got two each! 

Vests - Camden Stables Market - £2.50 each

Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. These are a dupe of Henry Holland's glasses, but I can't afford £150 sunglasses :( so I found these instead for a much better price! (see the original here!)

Sunglasses - Camden - £5

My henna is wearing off! Nooooo!

I found this lovely little felt store which were making and selling loads of really cute things! I thought these little mushroom key rings were just too good to say no to! I also got the same one in green too!

Keyrings - Camden Stables Market - 2 for £1

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought whilst I was there! Get yourself to Camden ASAP!!! Sorry I couldn't link or name the stalls at the market, there are thousands and some don't have names etc. 

Also, I love doing henna so much! I would go as far to say that I am obsessed! If you would like to see all the henna I have done, just let me know! I'll happily make a blog post all about it!

London Lookbook

1 September 2014

Hello! So I went to London for a few days last weekend. I had a great time - mainly shopping, eating and mooching around random parts of London! I took pictures of my outfits in pretty places thoughout my time there (except the first day as by the time we go to the flat we were staying in, it was dark and we were hungry and tired!) Hope you enjoy looking at my clothes! 

Top - Primark - £3
Leatherette Jogger Bottoms - Peace + Love - Missguided - £12.50 (sale)
Shoes - Primark - £3

This photo was taken up a back street in East London, just off Brick Lane. We went street art spotting and vintage clothes shopping. This art was absolutely amazing and if you would like to see more of it, visit my instragram where I posted more pictures! After lunch we went shopping! We visited both the Tottingham Court Road and Oxford Street Primark, as well as Forever 21, Topshop, New Look and many others! I will be uploading a London Haul post very soon so you can check out what I bought there! We also visited M&M World and the rest of Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square that day!

Crop Top - Missguided - £9.99
Rain Coat - Topshop - £42 sold out - (very similar one here!)
Joni Jeans - Topshop - £36
Flatform Trainers - Office - £29.99 sold out - (alternatives here)

This day (my favourite day!) we spent almost the whole day at Camden Market, Camden Stables and Camden Lock. Camden is my favourite place in the world, you can literally stay there for a whole day and never see the same thing again. And the food court at Camden Lock has probably the best street food in the world! There is food from all over the world and it all smells and looks delicious! For lunch I had a cheese steak wrap from the American stall and it was soooo nice! My friend had a Peruvian buffet of all sorts of food we couldn't even pronounce. We then had home made lemonade and we tried bubble tea (which I was very disappointed in. It didn't taste half as good as it looked!) If you are ever in London you need to visit Camden, then whilst you're there, get some food, and visit Cyberdog! Its a huge rave shop with amazing lights and loud music, dancers, very unusual clothes and high robot statues. Even if you're not into raving (I'm not..) you'll still be speechless at this shop! Do a google search! Just type in 'Cyberdog' honestly, you'll be amazed!

Halterneck Dress - Primark - £3
Vintage Cardi - Vintage Shop in Durham - £12 (alternatives here)
Moschino Belt - Ebay - £23 (alternatives here)
Flatform Trainers - Office - £29.99 sold out - (alternatives here)
Aztec Bucket Bag - Primark - £4 (alternatives here)

On our last day, we visited places that we had heard of in songs etc. I loved Warwick Avenue and Little Venice. Theres a huge pristine white house with swirly black fences that over looking the canal. I want to live there! We also visited Bethnal Green, Kensington Gardens, Notting Hill and Portobello Road (I also wouldn't mind living here!)

Keep a look out on my blog to see what I got at Primark, Forever 21 and Camden! 

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