OOTD : Wide Legged Knit Jumpsuit

28 October 2016

Hello! Quick little post showing you my outfit today! 

I love this jumpsuit and have worn it multiple times since getting it just last week! Its so comfy with it being a loose-fitting, fine stretch knit! It's like wearing pyjamas but still looking dressed! Its from Zara and was only £19.99! 

I think this jumpsuit is perfect for autumn going into winter as it can be worn over a plain top or jumper, or even over a white shirt. In the spring I think it would also look nice over a sheer lacey t-shirt or even just over a lace bralet.

I also wore this suedette biker jacket as its starting to get chilly now its autumn, and some patent loafers with a coloured sole.

These shoes are from Zara and I have found that mine are a bit too big, so I would suggest  trying the size smaller than you would usually wear. Or if you can't do that or are ordering online, you can use some insoles, as I did. 

LOL at my eyes being closed!!
Jumpsuit - Zara - £19.99
White top - Primark -£2.50

Unfortunately, I find that items in Zara sell out extremely fast! If you see something in Zara, get to there and then because next week, it won't be there! Therefore I couldn't find the jumpsuit online anymore, however there could be some still in stores. If not, I have found an almost identical one here, at Pretty Little Thing

Zara do have some similar ones of their own though! Theres a cropped version and also a long sleeved version here too. 

Cute but Spooky : Eye Nail Art

24 October 2016

As its getting closer and closer to Halloween, I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite nail 'looks'! I love doing this as its so simple but looks super cool, I wear this nail art pretty often, but I thought it'd be perfect for this time of year as they are kinda creepy, but very cute! 

Lets get started!

What you'll need:
Nail polish for your base colour - I chose grey
Nail polish for an eye - I chose this light turquoise 
Clear top coat
Nail art pens - black and white
Dotting tool or cocktail stick 
A cuticle pusher (optional)

 The brand of polish doesn't matter, both the grey and turquoise I used are from primary, but you can use whichever ones you already have! Also you can pick any colour! I wanted a quite plain base and realistic eye colour, but you could easily go for a bright pink base or to be extra holloweeny, you could do a red eye! If you don't have nail art pens, you can go for just the black and white polish, and use your dotting tool or even a toothpick or wooden cocktail stick, and the cuticle pusher is optional.

Step 1
First of all, if you choose to do so, push your cuticles back on the nails which are going to have the eye on. I did this just so i get a clean edge, but you don't have to do this step if you don't want to. Then start by painting your nails in your chosen base colour, but leave an oval, eye shaped patch on your nails clean. 

Step 2
Next, go in and paint this space white. This doesn't have to be neat as we will be outlining it in black. I used my pen but if you aren't using one of these, use your dotter or stick!

Step 3
Then, using your dotting tool, draw out a large circle in the middle of your white space. This will make the coloured part of the eye. Make this as big or small as you want, but remember that you'll be adding the black pupil so you need enough room for that.

Step 4
Next, add your black pupil. I used my black nail polish pen, but if you aren't using one of these, use your dotter or stick.   

Step 5
Now for the trickiest part! Carefully outline your whole eye using your black pen or tool. Go around both the top and bottom of your nail. This is why I pushed my cuticle back, so that I have a cleaner edge to this step. Once it is outlined, add as many eyelashes as you like! Do this by drawing slim, short lines coming from the eye.

And you're done! Add a clear top coat to seal everything in so it lasts longer and looks more shiny! I only did one eye per hand, however, feel free to do as many as you like! 

For Halloween, the creepier the better! So why not try a green background and a bright red eye? If you do this nail look, please send me your finished photo! I'd love to see your creations!

Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Jelly Moisturiser : My New Favourite Moisturiser

19 October 2016

I have been a fan of Boot's Tea Tree and Witch Hazel skin care range for a while and recently, when going to buy some more of their Foaming Face Wash, I came across their new products in the range. These new products have the same great formula but are infused with an extract of cranberry. 

A selection of the whole range.
There is already the classic products, including foaming and exfoliating face washes, cleaners, pore strips and more; all of which, I have tried and love! Last year, they released more which had active clay added to the formula; which I tried an wasn't that impressed with, and now there are 3 new berry products, with more to be in stores soon.

 I was immediately drawn to the Jelly Moisturiser as it is the first moisturiser that I have seen in the range. And I have to say that I am extremely impressed! The moisturiser is described as a jelly but I would say its more of a gel. The packaging also claims to give long lasting shine control for up to 12 hours, therefore it could potentially be used as a primer type moisturiser, however I have never tried it this way yet. When you initially put it on, it doesn't really feel like it would be doing much good at all, it has a very different feel to normal cream moisturisers.

The two newer formulas - active charcoal and berry.

I used it (and continue to use it) on a night time after I have removed my makeup and washed my face. I have naturally dry and sensitive skin, and on a morning I often have noticeable dry patches of skin on my cheeks and chin, however, the first morning after using this moisturiser, my skin was perfect! No dry patches, no redness from the sensitivity and no breaking out from using a new product! I was amazed! I have now had this product for about a week and I still love it! It has pretty much cleared up my dry skin! Even my boyfriend now uses it too! 

Could be my new favourite?!

The packaging of the product has an unusual pump, which I really like as its something a bit different, and has the same type logo and colours as the rest of the range. To use this moisturiser, all you do is press down on the pump and a donut of moisturiser appears! Obviously, the more you press, the more product comes out. I find that it releases just slightly more than the perfect amount with one whole press, therefore I press to just before all the way down. 

The unusual pump and 'donut' of jelly!

The whole range contains tea tree oil which has anti bacterial properties, therefore is often used to get rid of, and keep spots at bay, and also witch hazel which is used to calm the skin, leaving it looking less red and sensitive. I currently use a mix of lots of products in this range and they are definitely my favourite things to use on my face! I use the foaming face wash, the exfoliating face scrub, the peel off face mask, the cleansing and toning lotion and sometimes the pore strips. But I have used loads of their other products in the past. 

Some good old classics.

I really do urge you to try this range, but especially this jelly moisturiser as it is perfect for my dry sensitive skin, but would also be great for a more oily type skin too! Find the range at all boots stores in the UK.

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