Coloured Contact Lenses by Marnie Simpson *

26 August 2014

I have always wondered what I would look like if I had different coloured eyes, and recently I was able to try out the new range by MTV Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson, for! A few weeks back I wrote about them (see the post here) and today, I tried them out for the first time. 

I have to say, for a first-time-contact-wearer, I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable they were to put in, wear and take out. I was slightly scared of putting something in my eye for the first time, but once I gathered up enough courage, I popped them straight in! Once in, you can't feel them at all, so are comfortable for everyday wear. They also are extremely easy to take out. 

The contacts in Marnie's range can be worn up to 90 times in a one year time period and are priced between £12.99 and £19.99 which I believe is a really reasonable price for contacts that can be worn for that length of time. 

The colours that I was able to try was the Pure Blue and the Misty Grey. I have naturally dark brown eyes, so I was a bit sceptical as to whether they'd show up, but the blue ones definitely do! Unfortunatly, the grey ones only show up in certain light, but still are just as pretty as the blue.

I am super pleased with the results I got from the Pure Blue contacts. I really cannot recommend them enough! To look after your contacts, after use, simply put them back in the case, with some fresh lens solution! How easy is that? 

Marnie's range at MyCostmeticLenses, is five different colours including; blue, green, brown, grey and violet. Currently the Light Hazel and Pure Violet is on a special offer so grab them while they're cheap ;) 

I also received some Funky All-in-One Lens Solution to use with my contacts, which is also sold on the website for only £4.99! (Click here to buy!)

If you've ever wanted to try out coloured contact lenses, I urge you to try them out from this site. They are very comfortable, last a long time, and are well worth the price! Check out Marnie's range here

Thanks to Luke from Misfits Celebrity Management for the contacts. Check out Marnie's twitter here

the Holly Hagan lookbook *

25 August 2014

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would have noticed that last month I wrote about Geordie Shore's Holly's new fashion collection for The Fashion Bible (read that post here!) Her collection is absolutely amazing and therefore I have put together three outfits using pieces from her collection! I also have a 10% off discount code at the end of this post for you all to enjoy!

Outfit 1

Parental Advisory Tee - £12.99 - Holly's collection
Milusia PVC Skater Skirt - £19.99 - Missguided
Chunky Boots - £29.99 - H&M (alternatives here)

Outfit 2

Coord - £19.99 - Holly's collection (sold out)
Shoes - £12 - Primark

Outfit 3

Limited Edition SASSY Tee - £11.50 - Holly's collection
Sheer Maxi Skirt - £19.99 - H&M (alternatives here)
Vectra Loafers - £30 - Topshop (alternatives here)

To visit Holly's collection at The Fashion Bible, click here! The clothing as really pretty and such a good quality, all the skirts are lined and the tshirts are made from pure cotton, so not only do they look good, but they feel good too! They are true to size and really easy to style!

For 10% off her collection at The Fashion Bible, simply enter the code Holly10 in the promo box at the checkout! 

 And remember, the SASSY tee is Limited Edition, so buy it as soon as you can before its gone! #staySASSY

Thanks to Luke at Missfits Celebrity Management for the tshirts. Visit Holly's twitter here.

My New Favourite Shoes

20 August 2014

I wanted to share with you my favourite buy possibly of the year (ok.. well maybe the month!) These shoes! They are absolutely amazing!!

I saw these shoes in Primark last week and instantly fell in love! These shoes have everything you could ever want from a shoe! They have a 4 inch heel, with a 2 inch platform, meaning the heel is only 2 inches, which makes them extremely comfortable for everyday wear! They also have cleated soles, which is very in right now! 

The shoes are made from a patent pleather type material, and the soles and heel are a very solid rubber. The shoes themselves are quite heavy, which gives the impression to me that they are going to be very sturdy and hopefully will last a long time! They have a dark silver (like a metallic grey) buckle and are lined with a felt-type material (so your feet don't get too sweaty!) 

These shoes are in stores now and cost £12, which I think is a really good price for this type of shoe! They remind me of something that you could find in Topshop for around the £40 mark, and they even kind of look slightly like the Jeffrey Campbell Skullys!  If you're lucky, you could possibly find some in the sale section - I found mine in the sale bit for half price as they have a small dint in the toe of the left shoe. This is barely noticeable though! 

As you can see in the pictures, they are a really nice pale pink colour with a black heel. So I feel like they could be worn in the daytime or on a night out somewhere! They also go with lots of different things as the pink can brighten up a dark outfit, or they would compliment a pastel outfit, or almost anything really! The styling list is endless! 

What are you waiting for? Get yourself to the nearest Primark now!!

OOTD - Topshop Silky Trousers

18 August 2014

Hi! Today's post is a simple OOTD as I'm a bit ill, and have been since Saturday :( I didn't want to leave you without a blog post, so heres what I wore a few days ago when I went for a meal with my friend Anna! 

I love these trousers so so so much! They are so comfortable and I think they look amazing (even when they are creased!) They are supposed to be worn high waisted, but trousers from Topshop are always too big for me, so I wear them on my hips. But I think they still look okay like this! 

I also wore this cropped floral jumper from Topshop, as well as one of my favourite bags and comfiest shoes (I call them my driving shoes!) - both from Primark! 

Sorry if the photos are a bit dark. That day the weather was a bit odd, it was really warm, but really grey and cloudy! Anyway, on Wednesday, I'm going to London for 4 days with Rachael (my friend) and I'll be taking outfit photos everyday, so next Monday, my post will be a London Style Diary / Lookbook kinda thing! 

Outfit Details

Trousers - Topshop - £15 (sale)
Jumper - Topshop - £10 (sale)
Bag - Primark - £6
Shoes - Primark - £6

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Review

13 August 2014

EOS Lip Balms are definitely one of the most cute looking lip balms I have ver seen, and since I first saw them online a few years back I have wanted to try them! Unfortunately  here in the UK, they seem very very hard to find in stores! 

For my birthday, back in February, I received one of these from my friend Julie and instantly fell in love! Firstly, the shape of the balm is really cool, I love how they are like little colourful eggs haha! I was given the Summer Fruits one, which smells mainly like peach and strawberry (but apparently has a hint of blueberry too!) I then went on and bought two other flavours; Medicated Tangerine and SPF Lemon Drop, about a month later online. 

My favourite one is the Summer Fruits. It tastes almost as good as it smells and does its job quite well. It moisturises my lips a lot, but I find it wears away quickly, meaning I have to be constantly applying more. My second favourite is then the Medicated Tangerine. I chose this one because I love the smell of oranges, and also their website claims it will 'keep lips happy and healthy, while soothing with a medicated relief'. This one smells a lot like orange Starburst sweets which I love! And finally, the Lemon Drop has 'Broad Spectrum SPF 15' so I thought this would be really handy for when I go on holiday, either skiing or just anywhere hot! Unfortunatly I don't like the smell of this one at all! I'm pretty bad at describing smells, but I'd say it smelt like plastic-y sun cream, which was a bit disappointing. 

The EOS Smooth Sphere range are all made organically too. They are petroleum and paraffin free and are made using shea butter and vitamin E oil, meaning they are all very natural and are not likely to affect anyone with allergies!


~ They taste and smell nice! (except the lemon one in my opinion)
~ Very moisturising
~ They're organic!
~ They look really cute! When I'm not using them, I have them on my shell like an ornament!
~ They are cheap in the US (around $2.96!)


~ Hard to find in the UK, they have to be bought online in most cases! Therefore they can be quite expensive (anywhere from about £5-£12) :(
~ They can wear off quite quickly

Overall, I do really like the EOS lip balms. I just wish they were as readily available in the UK as they are in the US - I'd love to collect all the flavours! I think the Vanilla Mint flavour is next on my wish list! 


Visit the EOS website here
I have tried to find the cheapest place to buy them if you're living in the UK, I have found to be the best place, or you can also try eBay. Click the three flavours I have below to find them on amazon!

Which flavours have you tried? Which one do you think I should try next? Comment below! I always answer so don't forget to check back! 

Simple Daisy Nail Art

11 August 2014

Hi! In todays post I thought I'd try something a little different! As I was going to be doing this nail art today, why not take pictures throughout and show you how to do it too!? This nail art is really simple, anyone will be able to do it - promise!

Firstly, I'll start with what you'll need! Your choices of nail polish for the background and daisies, a clear top coat and a few wooden tooth picks / cocktail sticks. I also used a dotting tool, but this isn't necessary - you can just use the end of one of your sticks! 

Here's the polishes I chose to use. Obviously, you can substitute all of these polishes to your own preferences! You don't need to stick to the ones I chose - I think as well as bright pink; yellow, lime green or bright blue would also look nice for the dot in the middle of the flower! For a more summery feel, you might want to try a lighter background colour or even a grassy green! 

Bourjois So Laque - 30 Noir de Chine
Rimmel Lasting Finish - 704 Sweet as Sugar
Collection Hot Looks - 34 Hoola Hoop
Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat

Step 1

Start by painting your nails the base colour (mine is black!) I used two coats, but you can use however many you need. You can also use a base coat underneath to avoid staining, but I tend to miss this step! And leave that to dry.
Drying Tip! - Rinse your wet nails under cold water and they instantly dry!

Step 2

Grab one of your cocktail sticks, and snap one end to make a little L shape. Don't fully snap the end off - just snap it so that it bends at an angle. Don't make it too long or you'll only fit one daisy on each nail (unless thats what you want!) and don't make it too short or when you layer them, it'll just turn into a blob. My snap was about 4-5mm!

Dip the snapped end into your chosen colour (mine was a pale blue which dried almost white) and start dotting the stick on your nails. Keep changing the angle, so that your lines overlap and make a kind of star or * shape! See the picture below for more details! Continue this step as much as you want over how ever many nails you want. I went for 2 or 3 flowers on each nail! These can be as messy or as neat as you want!

Step 3

Once the daisies have dried (or semi dried if your in a rush!) using either a dotting tool or a clean end of a cocktail stick, dot your third colour in the middle of each flower. (I used pink but loads of different colours would also look really cool!) To avoid making loads of mess, its a good idea to put a small blob of nail polish on a scrap piece of paper, then dip your dotting tool or stick into that rather than the nail polish bottle. 

Step 4

Once everything has dried, use a clear top coat to seal in all the colours. This step will make the nail art last longer but it isn't necessary. You could also use a matte top coat if you wanted. Dry this naturally or try my drying tip that I mentioned above and you're finished! Clean up around the edges, if you've made a bit of a mess like I did, using a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover or you can just leave the messy bits or wear/wash off! 

And thats it! Its super easy to do, but I love the effect it gives! My choice of colours remind me a lot of the sixties and Mary Quant! I love it! Hope you enjoy this tutorial! If you try it out leave a comment below or send me a picture of your finished creation on any of my social media sites! I'd love to see your take on it and your choices of colours! 

Mmmmm cloudy pink lemonade!

OOTD - featuring ShopDixi jewellery

6 August 2014

Hello! Heres a glimpse of what I am wearing today. I'm not doing much but I wanted to get dressed up anyway. I chose to wear a mini dress under a maxi skirt as it gives the same effect as a normal top! I also piled on the jewellery.. 

What I'm Wearing:

Vest/Dress - Primark - £4 
Pleated Maxi Skirt - Missguided - £8.99 
Layered Necklace Set - Primark Sale - £1 
Lace Flats - H&M - £12.99 
Multiple Midi Rings - present from xmas
Om Ring - ShopDixi - £5 *
Moon Ring - ShopDixi  £5 *

I'm also wearing these two amazing rings from ShopDixi. I love these rings so much. These two rings are plated with Sterling Silver, so people with metal allergies, like me, will be able to wear them comfortably without your skin turning green and getting itchy. The plating will eventually rub off with wear, however if you're just wearing them for a few hours at a time, they'll be fine!

Om Mantra Amulet Ring

Moon Sleep Ring

To celebrate ShopDixi gaining 80K followers on their instagram account, they have put a sale on their website of all the pieces of jewellery that they have featured on instagram. The sale has everything from large rings, to necklaces, midi rings and bracelets. Every piece in the sale ranges from £3 - £10 and theres free delivery! 

To find this sale on their website, go to 'shop by trend' then click the '80K' trend. This will take you to all of the sale pieces. (Or just click here!) These bits are not included in the normal sale as its selected pieces only, so if you're looking on their sale page, you're in the wrong place! 

I have shopped on on multiple occasions, and each time, I have been very impressed with not only the products, but also the price, delivery tine and packaging. I also got another ring that isn't included in this post, but keep a look out on my blog to find it! 

Pretty Packaging

Om Mantra Amulet Ring & Moon Sleeper Ring - £5 each in the 80K sale

The Om Mantra Amulet Ring was seen on Ellie Goulding this summer! Get it here before stock runs out!

Image courtesy to ShopDixi
I also got this ring from ShopDixi! I love this ring so much and I had wanted it for absolutely ages!! 

Perigee Gold Opal Ring - £5 in the 80K sale (not worn in this outfit)

P.S. If you have noticed the large bruise on my arm in a few of my recent posts, its because I donated blood last week! They found it hard to find my vein and because if that, I have a really big multi-coloured bruise! I'm not a drug addict or anything haha! 

What I Wore to a Wedding

4 August 2014

I went to the night time part of a wedding yesterday and I thought I'd show you what to wear. These photos are took in the grounds of Wynyard Hall, where the wedding party was taking place. 

It was very windy!

My Outfit Details

Dress - Rare Opulence London
Necklace - Galibardy

I'm weraing a necklace from Galibardy. To get a 25% discount code for their website, click here to read my blog post about it! 

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