Simple Daisy Nail Art

11 August 2014

Hi! In todays post I thought I'd try something a little different! As I was going to be doing this nail art today, why not take pictures throughout and show you how to do it too!? This nail art is really simple, anyone will be able to do it - promise!

Firstly, I'll start with what you'll need! Your choices of nail polish for the background and daisies, a clear top coat and a few wooden tooth picks / cocktail sticks. I also used a dotting tool, but this isn't necessary - you can just use the end of one of your sticks! 

Here's the polishes I chose to use. Obviously, you can substitute all of these polishes to your own preferences! You don't need to stick to the ones I chose - I think as well as bright pink; yellow, lime green or bright blue would also look nice for the dot in the middle of the flower! For a more summery feel, you might want to try a lighter background colour or even a grassy green! 

Bourjois So Laque - 30 Noir de Chine
Rimmel Lasting Finish - 704 Sweet as Sugar
Collection Hot Looks - 34 Hoola Hoop
Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat

Step 1

Start by painting your nails the base colour (mine is black!) I used two coats, but you can use however many you need. You can also use a base coat underneath to avoid staining, but I tend to miss this step! And leave that to dry.
Drying Tip! - Rinse your wet nails under cold water and they instantly dry!

Step 2

Grab one of your cocktail sticks, and snap one end to make a little L shape. Don't fully snap the end off - just snap it so that it bends at an angle. Don't make it too long or you'll only fit one daisy on each nail (unless thats what you want!) and don't make it too short or when you layer them, it'll just turn into a blob. My snap was about 4-5mm!

Dip the snapped end into your chosen colour (mine was a pale blue which dried almost white) and start dotting the stick on your nails. Keep changing the angle, so that your lines overlap and make a kind of star or * shape! See the picture below for more details! Continue this step as much as you want over how ever many nails you want. I went for 2 or 3 flowers on each nail! These can be as messy or as neat as you want!

Step 3

Once the daisies have dried (or semi dried if your in a rush!) using either a dotting tool or a clean end of a cocktail stick, dot your third colour in the middle of each flower. (I used pink but loads of different colours would also look really cool!) To avoid making loads of mess, its a good idea to put a small blob of nail polish on a scrap piece of paper, then dip your dotting tool or stick into that rather than the nail polish bottle. 

Step 4

Once everything has dried, use a clear top coat to seal in all the colours. This step will make the nail art last longer but it isn't necessary. You could also use a matte top coat if you wanted. Dry this naturally or try my drying tip that I mentioned above and you're finished! Clean up around the edges, if you've made a bit of a mess like I did, using a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover or you can just leave the messy bits or wear/wash off! 

And thats it! Its super easy to do, but I love the effect it gives! My choice of colours remind me a lot of the sixties and Mary Quant! I love it! Hope you enjoy this tutorial! If you try it out leave a comment below or send me a picture of your finished creation on any of my social media sites! I'd love to see your take on it and your choices of colours! 

Mmmmm cloudy pink lemonade!


  1. looks like a fab idea, will try before going out at the weekend :)

    1. Haha thank you! Tweet me a picture of your finished nails!

  2. Your daisy nails are so good. I am trying this tonight.

    1. Thanks you! Send me a picture when you're finished! I'd love to see them!

  3. Please so more nail tutorials! xx


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