EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Review

13 August 2014

EOS Lip Balms are definitely one of the most cute looking lip balms I have ver seen, and since I first saw them online a few years back I have wanted to try them! Unfortunately  here in the UK, they seem very very hard to find in stores! 

For my birthday, back in February, I received one of these from my friend Julie and instantly fell in love! Firstly, the shape of the balm is really cool, I love how they are like little colourful eggs haha! I was given the Summer Fruits one, which smells mainly like peach and strawberry (but apparently has a hint of blueberry too!) I then went on and bought two other flavours; Medicated Tangerine and SPF Lemon Drop, about a month later online. 

My favourite one is the Summer Fruits. It tastes almost as good as it smells and does its job quite well. It moisturises my lips a lot, but I find it wears away quickly, meaning I have to be constantly applying more. My second favourite is then the Medicated Tangerine. I chose this one because I love the smell of oranges, and also their website claims it will 'keep lips happy and healthy, while soothing with a medicated relief'. This one smells a lot like orange Starburst sweets which I love! And finally, the Lemon Drop has 'Broad Spectrum SPF 15' so I thought this would be really handy for when I go on holiday, either skiing or just anywhere hot! Unfortunatly I don't like the smell of this one at all! I'm pretty bad at describing smells, but I'd say it smelt like plastic-y sun cream, which was a bit disappointing. 

The EOS Smooth Sphere range are all made organically too. They are petroleum and paraffin free and are made using shea butter and vitamin E oil, meaning they are all very natural and are not likely to affect anyone with allergies!


~ They taste and smell nice! (except the lemon one in my opinion)
~ Very moisturising
~ They're organic!
~ They look really cute! When I'm not using them, I have them on my shell like an ornament!
~ They are cheap in the US (around $2.96!)


~ Hard to find in the UK, they have to be bought online in most cases! Therefore they can be quite expensive (anywhere from about £5-£12) :(
~ They can wear off quite quickly

Overall, I do really like the EOS lip balms. I just wish they were as readily available in the UK as they are in the US - I'd love to collect all the flavours! I think the Vanilla Mint flavour is next on my wish list! 


Visit the EOS website here
I have tried to find the cheapest place to buy them if you're living in the UK, I have found Amazon.co.uk to be the best place, or you can also try eBay. Click the three flavours I have below to find them on amazon!

Which flavours have you tried? Which one do you think I should try next? Comment below! I always answer so don't forget to check back! 


  1. I'm glad I found this ! I've been meaning to try these but I think I'm gonna stick to Carmex then


    Iman || www.manigazer.com

    1. I love carmex! I'd stick to it too (unless you find one of these somewhere cheap, then I'd get one cos they're really cute! ;) )


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