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6 August 2014

Hello! Heres a glimpse of what I am wearing today. I'm not doing much but I wanted to get dressed up anyway. I chose to wear a mini dress under a maxi skirt as it gives the same effect as a normal top! I also piled on the jewellery.. 

What I'm Wearing:

Vest/Dress - Primark - £4 
Pleated Maxi Skirt - Missguided - £8.99 
Layered Necklace Set - Primark Sale - £1 
Lace Flats - H&M - £12.99 
Multiple Midi Rings - present from xmas
Om Ring - ShopDixi - £5 *
Moon Ring - ShopDixi  £5 *

I'm also wearing these two amazing rings from ShopDixi. I love these rings so much. These two rings are plated with Sterling Silver, so people with metal allergies, like me, will be able to wear them comfortably without your skin turning green and getting itchy. The plating will eventually rub off with wear, however if you're just wearing them for a few hours at a time, they'll be fine!

Om Mantra Amulet Ring

Moon Sleep Ring

To celebrate ShopDixi gaining 80K followers on their instagram account, they have put a sale on their website of all the pieces of jewellery that they have featured on instagram. The sale has everything from large rings, to necklaces, midi rings and bracelets. Every piece in the sale ranges from £3 - £10 and theres free delivery! 

To find this sale on their website, go to 'shop by trend' then click the '80K' trend. This will take you to all of the sale pieces. (Or just click here!) These bits are not included in the normal sale as its selected pieces only, so if you're looking on their sale page, you're in the wrong place! 

I have shopped on ShopDixi.com on multiple occasions, and each time, I have been very impressed with not only the products, but also the price, delivery tine and packaging. I also got another ring that isn't included in this post, but keep a look out on my blog to find it! 

Pretty Packaging

Om Mantra Amulet Ring & Moon Sleeper Ring - £5 each in the 80K sale

The Om Mantra Amulet Ring was seen on Ellie Goulding this summer! Get it here before stock runs out!

Image courtesy to ShopDixi
I also got this ring from ShopDixi! I love this ring so much and I had wanted it for absolutely ages!! 

Perigee Gold Opal Ring - £5 in the 80K sale (not worn in this outfit)

P.S. If you have noticed the large bruise on my arm in a few of my recent posts, its because I donated blood last week! They found it hard to find my vein and because if that, I have a really big multi-coloured bruise! I'm not a drug addict or anything haha! 


  1. This is such a lovely outfit! I love the colour of yor dress! And you've accessorised this so perfectly:) I've never heard of shopdixi so I might check them out as I'm always looking for inspiration. Also good on you for giving blood! :) x |Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog|

    1. Thank you! Check them out, I love their jewellery! :)


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