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31 July 2014

Galibardy is an amazing progressive, alternative, online jewellery store based in London. I was contacted by Lisa, so that I could check out their new boutique range, named Goth Boutique. If you're anything like me, you'll love it! The collection has everything from chunky rings, to sweet little necklaces to bold statement collars, and almost everything has rhinestones and Swarovski crystals! And as you can probably tell from the collections name, everything is pretty unique and a little bit 'alternative'.

I thought I'd share with you my pieces from the Goth Boutique at Garlibardy, as well as a few other bits from the rest of the store. 

Galibardy was also kind enough to give me and all of you a 25% off discount code for the whole website, valid until August 4th 2014! Just enter juliettestephensonblog in the promo box at the checkout! 

Firstly, can I just say how nice the packaging is? When the box was delivered, it was very neatly wrapped in brown paper, then after I ripped that off, I found this beauty of a box! Inside, everything was nicely wrapped too! The necklace came wrapped in tissue paper, inside a printed, tie string dust bag. And the ring came in that cute little box, lying surrounded by white tissue paper! It all looked so nice!

This necklace is the most amazing necklace I own! Its the Peacock Crystal Necklace and costs £35 (or only £26.25 with my discount code!) It has thousands of these black and gold-y coloured bead strands, as well as crystal flowers. All on a dark silver metal chain, also covered in black rhinestones!


The next thing I got was this Moon Child silver ring, costing £28 (or £21 with my discount code!) This ring is probably the best ring I have ever seen in my life. It reminds me of witches and unicorns and all sorts of stuff like that. The ring itself is Sterling Silver, meaning for people with metal allergies, like myself, it won't turn your finger green or make you itchy or anything! In the middle of the ring, there is a large crystal which glows  purples, greens and blue, then at each side there is a dark red crystal! I love it so so so much!!!

The rest of the Goth Boutique Collection is just as amazing. Here are a few of my favourites. All images copyright to! If you like the product in the image, click it, and it will take to straight to that page on the site! 

Bug Life Crystal Necklace - £65

Santos the Sugar Skull Cat Ring - £28

Astarte Collar Necklace - £52
Star of the Sea Cuff - £35

Galibardy's stock is always changing, so keep that in mind when trying to order specific pieces. Sometimes, only one piece of jewellery is in stock and therefore, when its gone, it really is gone. But if you do ever order a piece, just be happy that you have one amazing piece of unique jewellery! 

Thanks so much to Galibardy for contacting me! And thanks even more for giving us all the discount code. Again its juliettestephensonblog just enter it in the promo box at the checkout! 

Visit Galibardy here, and their Goth Boutique here


  1. Gorgeous collection. I came across this brand yesterday and they really know hoe to be different!

    Emma | The Fashion Six

    1. Hi Emma! They ready do! I love their site and collection so much!

  2. This jewellery is stunning. I wish I had found this before the discount ran out!

    1. Keep checking back at my blog, I might be working with them more in the future :)


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