MTV Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson releases her own Coloured Contact Lenses *

30 July 2014

Marnie Simpson, Geordie Shore's series 7 new girl, has revealed her first range of cosmetic contact lenses! The natural, brown-eyed girl likes to experiment with different eye colours to achieve different looks. 

Marnie wearing her 'Sea Green' Lenses

She has teamed up with My Cosmetic Lenses, to create a her own range of six different contact colours. The important factor for Marnie is that they look 100% natural. She says, 

"It is so important for me to only have lenses which look 100% natural in my range. There's no point in having striking eyes if everyone can see they're clearly not real."

 "It took me so long to find the right contact lenses! I was so frustrated wearing really unformatble, irritating, expensive and unnatural looking lenses and so when I found the perfect lenses with I was so happy.

"I would often get complimented for my lovely pure blue eyes, and would just smile and agree. No one would be able to tell.

'Pure Blue'

"I worked hard with the design team and everything on the site I'm very proud of. 

"We also worked hard to get the shape and makeup of the lenses correct so that they're extremely comfortable to wear in the eye, as in the past I've worn lenses that really irritated."

Marnie's range has a 1 year life after first use and cost only £12.99 with free delivery. Her colours include:

Keep an eye out on my future post to see me wearing some from the range!

Follow the lovely Marnie on Twitter here.

All images thanks to MyCosmeticLenses

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  1. So glad you like our lenses, Juliette, thanks so much for posting about them! :)


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