Limited Edition Bikini by ELB Handmade

16 January 2017

Another post featuring ELB? I suppose it just goes to show how much I really like the brand! This time I'm talking about the super cute limited edition Je T'aime 2 piece swimsuit. 

(P.S. I have pale patches all over my body due to a skin condition - hopefully it doesn't look too weird!)

This bikini was love at first sight for me! Within hours of it being posted on Depop, I had bought one! This is the cutest bikini I have seen ever! The style bikini is a really nice shape. The top is almost tank top like and the bottoms are classic hipster bikini bottoms. 

The fabric its made from is similar to neoprene so it holds its shape very well and it very flattering on the body. Its is an off-white colour with a lovely girly print of hearts, lips, palm trees, lipsticks and just everything cute and pretty. The images also look hand drawn which I really love! 

The bikini is limited edition but is still up for sale on ELB's depop page so get it while you can! Its only £20 with free postage and is custom made, like all of ELB's items, to your specific measurements.

I have not yet worn it in water, but as its a very thick stretchy material, I don't think it'll go see though like a few white bikinis unfortunately do. But I'll update when I do! 


  1. Your figure is unreal! Lovely photos, love the bikini x

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