London Haul - Primark, Forever 21, Camden Market etc

3 September 2014

So if you had read my last post (click here if you haven't!) you'd have seen that I went to London, and whilst there did a bit of shopping. Keep reading if you'd like to see what I had bought, and how I'd style them! 


The only thing I bought from Primark was this amazing coat! I am in love! I have wanted one of these oversized, slouchy, boyfriend-style coats in a pastel colour for ages! If you're off to London and want to go shopping, try the Primark at Tottingham Court Road. Its actually bigger and a lot less busier than the Oxford Street one!

Coat - Primark - £23
Disco Pants - American Apparel - £74
Crop Top - Topshop - £8
Shoes - Primark - £12

Forever 21

This dress makes me feel like a ballerina fairy or something! I love it so so much! I had never ever shopped in F21 before as there is none where I live and I had just never been into the one in London, so I was extremely impressed with it! 

Dress - Forever 21 - £16.75
Boots - H&M - £29.99 (alternatives here)

I also got this cardi which I love so much! It makes me feel like a Disney villain or a witch or something (sorry for all of the mythical creatures!) I love long cardigans, and I love black and I love lace, so this was perfect for me!!

Cardigan - Forever 21 - £17.50 
(I think this may be sold out because I can't find it on their website - alternatives here)
Scuba Dress - Primark - £6
Boots - H&M - £29.99 (alternatives here)

Camden Market

If you've ever been to Camden then you'll know that these vests are everywhere! We played a game where we tried to find the cheapest stall selling them. We found one which were selling 4 for £10, so my friend and I got two each! 

Vests - Camden Stables Market - £2.50 each

Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. These are a dupe of Henry Holland's glasses, but I can't afford £150 sunglasses :( so I found these instead for a much better price! (see the original here!)

Sunglasses - Camden - £5

My henna is wearing off! Nooooo!

I found this lovely little felt store which were making and selling loads of really cute things! I thought these little mushroom key rings were just too good to say no to! I also got the same one in green too!

Keyrings - Camden Stables Market - 2 for £1

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought whilst I was there! Get yourself to Camden ASAP!!! Sorry I couldn't link or name the stalls at the market, there are thousands and some don't have names etc. 

Also, I love doing henna so much! I would go as far to say that I am obsessed! If you would like to see all the henna I have done, just let me know! I'll happily make a blog post all about it!


  1. the mushroom key ring is cute! so is the coat, i need to get to primark!

  2. yes please to the henna!


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