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8 September 2014

I want to tell you all about a special offer that is running across the UK! Benefit is teaming up with Boots and giving everyone who brings in an old eyeliner in, a new They're Real! Push Up Liner. The liner is only a sample size, however it would last for about a week. A week of free eyeliner? Yes please!

All you have to do to get one, is bring an old eyeliner - it can be an type; pen, pencil, gel, whatever; empty, dried up or just a one which you don't like or use - into the Benefit counter at Boots. (It must be a counter in Boots though, it can't be a Benefit counter at Debenhams or anywhere else.) 

This offer is on until Friday 12th September, so get your skates on! This eyeliner retails at £18.50 (for a full size one) so its well worth the visit to boots to get one! The eyeliner claims to be the UK's Number 1 Selling Eyeliner Product* and claims that when tested; 

 91% said it was longwearing**
81% said it was waterproof**
88% said it hugged the lashline**
84% said eyes looked visibly larger**

*Source: The NPD Group. Unit Item sales of the Total Prestige Eye Liner Makeup segment for 2014 Jan to Jun
**Results observed in a consumer panel survey on 32 women after 2 weeks

The eyeliner itself is like nothing I have ever seen in an eyeliner before! Its a gel liner and the tip of the liner is made from a flexible rubber material, that is used just like you would use an eyeliner pen. Its supposed to be easier to get closer to your lash line, meaning your eyes appear bigger. I have yet to test this product properly, but I'll keep you all updated for when I do! I'm looking forward to testing how water proof it actually is! However, I have tried it out once for a few hours, and so far, I really like the product! Its a really nice dark black and glides on really easily. 

The unusual tip!
As you can see in the picture below, I used it on my top lash line to create a winged effect!  

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to your nearest Boots (or nearest with a Benefit Counter!) and take in an old or unused eyeliner so you can try out this one! For more info, check out Benefit's Facebook Page.

Image thanks to Benefit and Boots


  1. so glad i found this post! *walks into boots*

  2. i love the way you do your eye makeup. could you possibly do a tutorial for that look? Im terrible at winged liner :/ x


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