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5 October 2015

I was challenged by to recreate Kylie Jenner's outfit, using items from their site. I jumped at the challenge! Who wouldn't want to look like their style icon, using a budget of only £30? 

Here's the look I was challenged to recreate.

Image courtesy of whereto 

I love this outfit, and think its great for the transition from summer into autumn, as its made from layers so you can be warm, but have the option to cool yourself down, 
or vice versa. Kylie's look was made up of an oversized checked shirt, a white tshirt dress and some thigh high boots. All finished off with her signature sunglasses 
and a big handbag.

And here's what I managed to create with a budget of only £30, 
using clothing from Boohoo.

My look is slightly different, as I was only wanting to be inspired by her outfit, I didn't want to completely copy it. 

Shirt - £20 - click here
Dress - £15 - click here

I also used my own thigh high boots, which I bought from eBay. Just search 'thigh high boots' and you'll find thousands of different styles. 

I did go over budget by £5, however, you can see that I've managed to recreate a celebrity inspired look for such a small amount compared to what Kylie paid! Why don't you have a go at creating your favourite style icon's look? 

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And check out Boohoo's own celebrity inspired picks! Click here

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