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11 July 2016

I'm sure you will have all seen Triangl Swimwear online somewhere. They are massively popular and have been since about 2 years ago when they were first released. The brand are known for having bikinis made completely from neoprene, and their colour block bright colours. 

The brand is everywhere, but unfortunately were very limited in sizings. When they were first released, the bikinis came only in sizes XS-L and weren't adjustable, which is okay but for people with a curvier yet still slim frame it wasn't very good. 

Girls with small underbust measurements, but a cup size over a B, for example a UK bra size 32C-DD were not able to fit into the bikinis as in order to cover the cup size, they'd have to go up an underbust measurement as well, which obviously wouldn't fit. 

Now however, Triangl has came out with 2 new sizes! The sizes are for girls with a small underbust measurement, such as a 30 or 32, but a larger cup size. These sizes were only available in the bra style tops, however it has been introduced into all the bikinis, except the tie up ones as they fit differently! This is great news for me, and probably a lot of you! 

The new sizes are names S+ and S++
A Small+ fits a 30/32 C-D cup and a Small++ fits a 30/32 D-DD.
These sizes are available in all the new and most of the older bikinis. the only 2 which don't have these new sizes are the Chloe and Lulu, as these two are tie up on the top and sides of the bottoms, meaning they fir differently anyway so it wasn't necessary to develop this new sizing in this style.

All the bikinis in the new sizes also come with fully adjustable shoulder and back straps, with a fixed clasp to fasten. They all also come in either their own matte black box with shiny detailing, or a matching neoprene bag.

I currently own 2 Triangl bikinis in the bra style top, however now with the new sizing available in the strapless and triangle shaped bras, I will probably be getting a lot more! here I have some photos of my two, just so you can get an idea of the colours and quality. 

The first one I have is the 'Brigitte' style in the colour 'In the Summertime'. It is a lovely turquoise colour with a bold black edging, a lilac/purple trim around the top and white crochet and stretching details. Click here to buy. I love it so much! When I first tried this on, I was so happy to finally get a bikini which fit!!

Here is the back of this bikini, this shows the detailing going all the way around to the back of the bikini, the adjustable traps and the plastic clasp fastening. I really like this fastening as it feels very sturdy. I wouldn't want it to suddenly come lose!

The next style I have is the 'Poppy' style in 'Flamingo Fling'. Click here to buy. This is also a mint colour with a candy pink and black and white detailing. What I like about this bikini is the fishnet detailing on both the top and bottoms. This bikini is lined in a lovely peachy orange colour!

Again, here is a picture showing the adjustable straps and the sturdy back clasp. It also shows the moulded and underwired cups. 

I have a massive Triangl wish list now because of the new sizing available over the entire range, so I've just linked a few of my favourites! Feel free to check out their website, here, and let me know which ones you like too! 



These 6 photos are courtesy of Triangl Swimwear. 
Styles shown are : Dree, Devon, Marley, Luna, Winnie & Ollie


  1. Show them on please! I'd love to know what they look like on someone who isn't flat chested lol


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