Cute but Spooky : Eye Nail Art

24 October 2016

As its getting closer and closer to Halloween, I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite nail 'looks'! I love doing this as its so simple but looks super cool, I wear this nail art pretty often, but I thought it'd be perfect for this time of year as they are kinda creepy, but very cute! 

Lets get started!

What you'll need:
Nail polish for your base colour - I chose grey
Nail polish for an eye - I chose this light turquoise 
Clear top coat
Nail art pens - black and white
Dotting tool or cocktail stick 
A cuticle pusher (optional)

 The brand of polish doesn't matter, both the grey and turquoise I used are from primary, but you can use whichever ones you already have! Also you can pick any colour! I wanted a quite plain base and realistic eye colour, but you could easily go for a bright pink base or to be extra holloweeny, you could do a red eye! If you don't have nail art pens, you can go for just the black and white polish, and use your dotting tool or even a toothpick or wooden cocktail stick, and the cuticle pusher is optional.

Step 1
First of all, if you choose to do so, push your cuticles back on the nails which are going to have the eye on. I did this just so i get a clean edge, but you don't have to do this step if you don't want to. Then start by painting your nails in your chosen base colour, but leave an oval, eye shaped patch on your nails clean. 

Step 2
Next, go in and paint this space white. This doesn't have to be neat as we will be outlining it in black. I used my pen but if you aren't using one of these, use your dotter or stick!

Step 3
Then, using your dotting tool, draw out a large circle in the middle of your white space. This will make the coloured part of the eye. Make this as big or small as you want, but remember that you'll be adding the black pupil so you need enough room for that.

Step 4
Next, add your black pupil. I used my black nail polish pen, but if you aren't using one of these, use your dotter or stick.   

Step 5
Now for the trickiest part! Carefully outline your whole eye using your black pen or tool. Go around both the top and bottom of your nail. This is why I pushed my cuticle back, so that I have a cleaner edge to this step. Once it is outlined, add as many eyelashes as you like! Do this by drawing slim, short lines coming from the eye.

And you're done! Add a clear top coat to seal everything in so it lasts longer and looks more shiny! I only did one eye per hand, however, feel free to do as many as you like! 

For Halloween, the creepier the better! So why not try a green background and a bright red eye? If you do this nail look, please send me your finished photo! I'd love to see your creations!


  1. Trying this tonight! Going for pink and black :D

  2. love them, I'm getting these done tomorrow for my birthday


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