OOTD : Shirred Tops and Pleated Culottes

3 June 2017

Its so summery here! And guess what?!? I've finished university! Three years down, none to go! 

I went back home for the weekend, to kind of have a bit of a celebration as my final fashion show was a bit of a disaster (it was the morning after the manchester terrorist attack, a bit of a sad day for manchester, and it was almost cancelled, but did go ahead, but my university was then evacuated straight after the show anyway!) But while I was there, the weather was amazing! Unfortunately I've got back to manchester and although its warm, its certainly not sunny! 

So here is what I wore for a little wander around the beach and cliffs. I love this outfit, its sooo comfy! One thing I would say about these trousers though, is that they're not the most flattering on the waist. With them being basically pleated fabric with elastic at the top, they just hang over the body, which for me isn't the best, as I do prefer something more fitted around my waist to show off the curves of the body more. However, I still love the look and the feel of these trousers! If you get them, I would just recommend wearing a more fitted top so the pleats don't drown you. 

And this top! It reminds me so much of when I was a child and had shirred dresses and little crop tops and things! I love that shirring is coming back! 

This is such an easy outfit to just throw on! And it could easily be worn from day to night. During the day like I did with just a pair of plain flats and a choker necklace, but also I think with a pair of heels and maybe a biker jacket on top, it could be worn for an evening meal out for example!

Hope you like my outfit! Let me know in the comments of any other style tops that you think could go with pleated culottes.

Shirred Bardot Crop Top - Missguided - £12
(It has been took off the website for some reason! I'll keep checking and update when its back! But until there, heres an alternative)
Copper Choker Necklace (set of 5) - Primark - £3


  1. I think they look fine (about the waist thing) also, your hair colour looks great! Could you share how you look after it? xx

    1. I'm glad you think so! Yes of course, I'm hoping to get back into blogging really soon, so I'll add hair care to my list :)

  2. Love your hair colour, its like a pearl


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