Topshop Gloss Ink : Review

29 September 2014

I recently bought the Topshop Gloss Ink after eyeing it up for a very long time when I went in store and I have to start by saying, I think this product is amazing! 

The Gloss Ink is like a mixture between a (very glossy) lip gloss and a stain, so it can be worn both ways. To use it a a stain, I use my finger and just dab it on my lips. This leaves a matte stain, which lasts all day! I wore this to university today, and it lasted from around 8:30am to 4ish, with lunch included! And to use as a gloss, just use it like any other lip gloss! 

I got the shade 'cruel' which is a bright pink-red-berry colour as a gloss, and a darkish, but bright pinky-purple as a stain! There is also four different shades, ranging from bright reds to medium and lighter pinks. It has the slightest bit of shimmer, which I don't usually like, but in this, I don't mind it as you can't see it too much. 

The lip gloss smells and tastes as good as it looks! The scent is like vanilla and cupcakes all in one, and tastes like it too! And I just love how it looks almost like blood when swatched (is that weird?) 

At only £8, I think that this product is so so worth it! It is very much like the YSL Glossy Stain, but is more than half the price! The matte, with hints of glossy, packaging also makes the product even more appealing to me! What more is there to love??

You can pick these up in any Topshop store, or online here!


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