My Everyday Eye Makeup Routine

3 October 2014

So recently on a few blog posts, I have been asked to show my everyday eye makeup! So here it is!

The finished look!
 I've made this step-by-step on how I create this look and which products I use. Obviously  you don't need to use the same products as me, using a similar product will give the same effect!

To make this look, I use these products! (I know its a lot.. sorry!) 
Click the product to buy!

I also use an eyelash curler, an eyeshadow brush, an eyebrow brush and an eyeliner smudger tool thingy!

I start my makeup always, using the Witch Primer (read my review here!) I also do my foundation, concealer and powder before doing my eyes. Lets get started! 

Step 1
Using the L'Oreal Super liner, I create a winged line over my eyelid. Try to keep as close to the lash line as you can, getting wider as you go across the lid. I finish the wing quite low down, past my lower lash line. This makes my eyes look bigger (I think so anyway!)

Step 2
Next, using the Lancome Le Crayon Kohl, line around your lower lash line, only about 2 thirds of the way across. Make sure this matches up with the winged liner on the top. I then use a smudgy tool to slightly blend it so it isn't as dark. This doesn't have to be super neat!

Step 3
I then line my water line with the white eyeliner. I don't put too much on. I like to just lighten the water liner, not completely make it white, so just a quick sweep of eyeliner will do!

Step 4
I then use my white shimmery shadow in the inner corner of my eye, I also slightly blend this along the lower lash line, into the black liner. Again, this doesn't have to be neat. Using a shimmery white (or any other light colour) eyeshadow on the inner corner reflects light into your eyes, making them look bigger and shinier. 

Step 5
 Then I curl my lashes. The eyelash curler I use is from Primark and I think it is the best one I have used, and also the cheapest at only £2! I then put on all 3 of the mascaras I mentioned. I use the Great Lash mascara first, this lengthens my lashes, I then use the Super Size mascara which also lengthens and finally the Wild Mega Volume, which adds volume. If you have an all-in-one lengthening and volumising mascara, you can obviously use that rather than all three of the products I use. 

Step 6
Finally to finish the look, I give my lower lashes a slight cover of mascara, using only the Great Lash mascara. This mascara is perfect for the lower lashes as its really small so you can be really precise with it! 

  And then heres the finished look! I also brush out my brows, but I don't fill them in or anything as I feel like I don't need to. You can if you want to - just please don't do the slug brow!! 

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