Beauty Review - Witch Skin Clearing Makeup Primer

9 July 2014

Witch’s Skin Clearing Primer aka the best makeup primer ever!
I have been using this product since about March this year and recently re-purchased another two bottles of the stuff because it is, without a doubt, the best makeup primer I have ever used.

I originally bought this product on a whim, as it was on special offer in a local Sainsbury’s. I tested it out the next day and fell in love ever since. To be fair, I haven’t tried many primers, but out of all five drug store ones I have used, this definitely works the best for me. Since using it, I have noticed an improvement in my skin’s condition, I have less dry patches and I have noticeably less break outs (not that I am prone to spots or anything, but I don’t think I have had one large one since using this product! J )

The product claims “Witch’s skin clearing primer with natural antibacterial actives, prepares the skin for foundation, allowing for a smooth and even application whilst creating an invisible shield to protect your skin from makeup, which can cause or aggravate spots. It helps calm and sooth skin, hydrates and draws away excess oils.” And it does just that. I use this product after I have washed my face on a morning, before applying my makeup and once on my skin, it seems to sink in almost immediately and does not leave my face red and blotchy. I have a skin condition called vitiligo and it makes my skin very sensitive and often using many lotions and potions can make my skin blotchy, rashy and even can make my face sting. This primer does not do that at all! The primer is made from natural ingredients, including witch hazel and grapefruit extract, is oil and fragrance free and is dermatologically tested.

The tiny amount you have to use (and my vitiligo!)

It also helps my makeup to last all day, especially when used under eye makeup! The directions on the box say to apply a small sized amount evenly all over the face, avoiding the eye area. However, I use it as an eye shadow primer as well as an all over makeup primer and it works impeccably. The only thing that I would improve about this item, would be where it is stocked. Superdrug seems to be the only place that sells it at the moment L

~ Helps my makeup to last all day
~ Keeps my face matte
~ Doesn’t make my skin blotchy, red or sore
~ Very moisturising without being oily

~ Cheaper than a lot of primers (only costs £6.99 for 30ml here)

Quite hard to find in stores (seems to be only stocked in large Superdrugs)

Overall, I’d give this Witch’s Skin Clearing Primer 5/5 stars!

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪


  1. This sounds anazing, I haven't found my perfect primer yet so I might gave to give this a go once my rinmel one runs out!

    April x

    1. It really is amazing! Fingers crossed you'll love it just as much as I do!!


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